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What is Google Analytics?


Digital Marketing is driven by data and analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most popular online tracking and analysis software used today.  At a very basic level it provides a lot of information about your website visitors and users, their origin and their behavior so you can monitor, measure and improve your online presence.

At an advanced level it provides far more sophisticated and usable information to grow your business, but unfortunately most Google Analytics implementations go no further than putting the basic code on your website.  You will not get the most out of it unless the configuration is modified slightly to clean up data, and report on important metrics for your business.

For more information, check out web analytic page.


Answered by: Julie Perkins


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Where can I go if I have questions about how to use Google Analytics?

Where can I go if I have questions about how to use Google Analytics?Google Analytics maintains an excellent, comprehensive, and search help support Website for Google Analytics at:
For more information, check out web analytic page.---Answered by: Julie Perkins